What is Astria?

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We are a community of passionate and dedicated players committed to connection, quality, and serving our community.

Astria was born to share that shield and empower all humans to stay strong and never give up, no matter how hard life gets. To stand up to their fears and injustices, to overcome them, and radiate their strength to others in need.

Pickleball is our passion. Pickleball is our way of making this world a better place. By creating the highest quality products, we are confident your investment will be rewarded.

We are so thankful to everyone who made Astria possible. From all the people who recently joined our family to those who supported us when we needed it most. Astria strives to do the same for our community - take care of our family and let the family take care of us.

With warmest regard,

The Astria Team

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Leading with the Best Paddles & Life-Saving Courts

Astria Pickleball has had a transformative year in 2023, setting new benchmarks in the world of pickleball with our best-in-class paddles and life-saving court initiatives. As a leader in the industry, we've dedicated ourselves to not only providing the most durable pickleball paddles but also to expanding access to quality pickleball courts across various communities.

Our commitment to building pickleball courts has been a cornerstone of our mission. Recognizing the vital role these courts play in promoting health, community, and the joy of sports, we've been instrumental in constructing state-of-the-art facilities. These courts have become more than just places to play; they're community centers where people come together, share experiences, and foster a sense of belonging.

Astria Pickleball's efforts have gone beyond just building courts. We've focused on how pickleball saves lives, providing an inclusive and accessible sport that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together. Our initiatives have created opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, and mental well-being, contributing significantly to the health and vitality of communities.

As we reflect on our accomplishments in 2023, we're filled with pride for the impact we've made and excitement for what's to come. Our journey continues, as we strive to keep enhancing our products and expanding our reach, ensuring that everyone has the chance to experience the numerous benefits of pickleball. Join us in celebrating a year of remarkable achievements and in looking forward to an even brighter future in the world of pickleball.

Building Pickleball x Astria